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"Asymmetric opportunities:Invest in startups. Start a company. Create a book, podcast or video. Create a (software) product. Go on many first datesGo to a cocktail party. Read a Lindy bookMove to a big city. Buy Bitcoin. Tweet." - @naval

Found a new podcast to listen to..

"In an age of infinite leverage, judgement is the most important skill." - @naval

Snow Liquid Ratios (SLR) range from 8-10:1 at 28-32°F
13-15:1 at 10-20°F & 18:1 at 0°F using a regression fit to a bunch of historical obs.

Apply that logic to 1-hourly only-snow QPF from GFSv15 and v16 helps do the job in generating a model-based 5-day snowfall map. ❄️ https://twitter.com/RyanMaue/status/1360716839127568388

Ryan Maue@RyanMaue

GFSv16 is the new version of US global weather model coming in mid-March. Preliminary data here mapped is hourly quantitative precip forecast (QPF) according to p-type snow.

OKC: 0.74" × 16:1 Snow Liq Ratio (SLR) = 12" of snowfall

It's now February & Old Man Winter is unleashing a period of extreme weather:

NWS forecasts over 21-inches of snow in NYC and over 2-feet in northern New Jersey

Next weekend a massive lobe of the polar vortex swings like a pendulum thru upper-Midwest & Great Lakes.

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